The Gift

This is a short story from the perspective of an angel. I’ve completely taken creative license in writing it as Biblical Fiction. It’s my vision of what happened during the Biblical creation of “woman”. This would have taken place in Genesis 2.  Please feel free to share, it’s a reminder of how special women are.  –PJ



I watched as God put Adam into a deep sleep. None of us knew what his plans were, but then again, who questions God? With precision, a God who spoke the world into existence, opened Adam’s chest and removed a precious rib. God took the rib to a secret place in The Garden of Eden. So beautiful with trees that changed color in the light, and grass that whistled as the breeze traveled through its blades, The Garden was already special. This secret place was even more special, almost as if it were a heavenly workshop.

With the rib suspended in air, God began to fashion a human form which was centered around the rib. The rib is of importance because ribs protect the lungs and the heart. God chose to fashion woman from the bones that protect a man’s heart. As God began to craft this human shape, he made sure to make her lines soft and subtle.  He gave her beautiful eyes to captivate, and hips for crafting children of her own. God gave her a willingness to serve, patience and a gentle spirit. All the angels in heaven and all the animals of The Garden, served as his audience. The word and the spirit were present there also.

A timeless God, not bound by the past, present or future, took a moment to admire the beauty in his creation. As Adam was beginning to awaken God picked up the woman, held her in his unchanging hand, and brought her to the man. Adam awoke to see the most beautiful creature who contained a peice of him inside of her. God’s glory radiated from her form.  After having named all the animals Earth and not finding companionship, Adam for a moment was speechless. He gazed for a while and said:

“This is now bone of my bones,
And flesh of my flesh;
She shall be called Woman,
Because she was taken out of Man.”

I joined all the angels in heaven, as they rejoiced in the marriage of Adam and Eve.