Buying Into Your Story

Check it out:

Hey guys. This was on my mind for a minute. What I’m about to say has no Biblical ties to it that I know of….

Do you realize what happens with you Flirt? Spit Game? Put in work? Or whatever it’s called this week? As men we have a tendency to talk ourselves up to women. We will say where we work, flaunt our cars, and show off our prosperity. But why? For some guys we want to find someone to settle down with. For others it’s more about impressing a woman enough to go to bed with her for a night and then move on to the next one in line.


See, thing is for most women….. it’s different. Women “Buy In” to what we are saying in a lot of cases. They believe us when we say we want to “find someone special” or when we say we are different from “other guys.” The ladies are wired up differently. After a certain point they start looking for someone they can be with long term. Sure, there are women out there who play the game, but their numbers are few. I have proof…….

Have you ever heard a guy say “My girl is mad. She wants to settle down, but she knows I’m not ready yet. We are just cool.” Most guys don’t realize that while in the beginning what might start off as a “casual relationship”, turns into what a woman perceives as exclusive dating. As men, we will let women help us with things, cook for us, buy us clothes, etc. Then we wonder why they get mad when they find out we were dating someone else. They get mad because we sold them on a possible life they could have with us, and they decided to stick with you. These women love your good qualities, and accept your bad ones. THAT’S why they get so mad. Cause your breath might be funky, or your don’t have a good job, yet they have accepted who you are, and are willing to build something with you. Even though you go to bed with beer breath, stinky feet, no job and then want to make love. <– That last line is for married folks only. Ha Ha.


Guys, don’t “Date” a woman for months and months if you aren’t going to be serious with her. It’s OK if you are dating multiple people ONLY and I stress ONLY if you aren’t seeing those same people over and over again. At some point it’s going to be implied that you are more than just casually dating. Women don’t like to waste time, and there isn’t any middle ground. In their minds, either you are together or you aren’t.  When you are dating it needs to be purposeful. Identify who you could see yourself with, and who you can’t. If you can’t see yourself with someone, cut them loose to find their soul-mate. No one wants their time wasted. If you find that a woman is willing to do anything for you, and she loves you, throw that line out buddy and reel her in.


OK, I had to throw this in there. Biblically, you need to be dating with the intent to marry. Ok there, I said it.