Christ Centered Communication


“Any problem, big or small, within a family, always seems to start with bad communication. Someone isn’t listening.” – Emma Thompson


This one is going to be short….

Men, we need to LISTEN! Our wives/future wives are always trying to tell us things. Yes, sometimes they are telling us things we don’t care about– like that pair of red pumps on sale at DSW. Other times, however, they are trying to tell us about their needs. Women look to us to be the head. Not someone who just issues commands, and tells them what to do. They are looking for a leader, a spiritual leader. One of the best traits of a leader, is someone who listens.

Imagine that you elect a congressman for your district because you are truly impressed by his political views. Then, when he gets into office, he just does whatever he wants. You write a letter asking for certain things to change, and you keep writing letters, but nothing ever happens. You get frustrated right? That’s how a woman feels when she talks to her husband about matters of her heart, and those matters fall on deaf ears. Sometimes, we assume that she will have something bad to say. I’m learning that’s not always the case. Sometimes she just has a concern, or is trying to let us know about something that is on her mind. The problem comes from not listening. Those concerns, while mild now, can build up over time and become issues.  By then, the concern has become a problem, and now you have strife in your relationship.

Listening needs to be two ways. We need to be listening to God for direction, and guidance. We also need to be listening to our wives, and feeling concern for what is on their hearts. Our relationships are way better when we listen, and God has intended on us to be the leaders of our households. That position comes with great responsibility. Just as Christ listens to his church, we need to be listeners in our households. It takes time, but through prayer, we can do it.

God Bless,